by Matters of Inquiry

People ask me how things are— to be honest, I feel guilty for discussing what’s going on because some of these happenings are somber, and I don’t want my every conversation to cast a shadow. Trouble finds everyone. That’s just the way of it, I’m afraid. I don’t want to make anyone a captive audience out of anyone, but at the same time, I’m eager to express myself without the risk of monopolizing conversations with a rap sheet of personal melodrama.

So, enter this blog.

Here there be ramblings, rants, updates, and anecdotes. If you’re wondering how I am and are afraid to ask, or maybe you did ask and you don’t believe me, or maybe you’ve been picking through my trash for months and can’t discern anything other than what my favorite flavour of yogurt is (give coconut a chance!) then consider this a window into my tiny corner of the world, a place where I spill my guts in an almost psychotic need to bear everything, if only to myself.

This way, you are not my captive audience.

Come and go of your own accord.