On the Rubicon

by Matters of Inquiry

“This year, I experienced two life-shattering events.

One of them was witnessing a death. Two weeks ago, after years of battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia, my father passed away.

The other? I fell in love with someone.

And I can’t tell you how strange it was, to have these two stories running alongside of each other; to watch the light inside of me grow more passionate and alive as I watched another diminish, and eventually, go out.

Yet these experiences, different though they were, taught me the same lesson: that without courage, neither love, nor loss, mean anything.

If there’s something inside of you that needs expressing, then regardless of pride, fear, anger, a sense of right doing and of wrong doing,

regardless of consequence, of reciprocity, of what can and cannot be,

you must say it.

You must say it.”

-Olivia Ketterer, 11-05-2013, Open Mic Night